Frequently Asked Questions

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Are pacers allowed?
Yes. From Penny Pines 2 (return trip) to the finish.

Where can my crew meet me?
Your crew can meet you at Penny Pines and at the PCT crossing on Monument Peak Road . Please note U.S. Forest Service Adventure Passes are required to park at Penny Pines. These can be obtained at REI, Adventure 16, the Mt. Laguna Lodge Store, or any of a number of other locations. Crew wishing to see their runner at Todd's Cabin MUST park on Monument Peak Road, which is about 1/4 mile south of Todd's Cabin. Crews can then hike in to Todd's Cabin via the PCT or they can wait for their runner where the PCT crosses Monument Peak Rd. DO NOT DRIVE INTO TODD'S CABIN.

What are the cut-off times and how flexible are they?
Cut-off times are Noon at Penny Pines 1 (the outward portion as you head north), 2:30 p.m. at Todd's Cabin 2 (the return portion as you head south), and 5:30 p.m. at Fred Canyon 2 (the return portion as you head south). These are "HARD" cut-offs--NO EXCEPTIONS! If you do not feel you can make the cut-offs, you may avail yourself of the 5 a.m. early start option. If you are cut-off, while we understand it is a disappointment, please do not argue or make it difficult for the aid station worker who enforces the cut-off. They are there to assist and help make the run safer for all runners, their crews, and other aid station workers.

If the race is sold out, will there be a waiting list?
There is no waiting list.